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Piralla is a long-established Italian brand registered by Renato Piralla S.r.l.

Piralla is a long-established Italian brand registered by Renato Piralla S.r.l., acquired as sole shareholder by Paini S.p.A. Rubinetterie in 2014. Paini management enables conception and manufacturing of the items listed in this catalogue, anticipates the steady evolutions of the market with a different brand and allows customers to get products with high quality and technology. With this latest acquisition, Paini has implemented a production plant of almost 80.000m² with around 400 employees.

The staff are highly specialised and educated also through in house refresher courses. We also offer stages to students from technical and wide range of taps - mixers, bathroom accessories and ship-building industry, kitchen, bath and shower associated products. We proudly produce 4 million pieces per annum. The production cycle provides the usage of high quality raw materials only, in conformity with the strict UNI-CEE standards. Our Research Centre Team provides test laboratories and analysis aiming at studying and gaining experience on mechanical, chemical and functional problems. The production is completely carried out in house utilising a wide range of modern technological production disciplines on transfer and multi-spindled machines. Quality tests are carried out during all production and handling steps, from the main to the secondary ones.

  • Gruppo Paini
  • Renato Piralla s.r.l.
  • Via Garibaldi, 14
  • 28076 Pogno (NO)
  • P.Iva 00121250039